Saturday, August 6, 2011

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  1. Since I just referred to it, maybe sharing the essence of that query letter might help:

    A hippie cowboy once told me, “You can put all the faith in God you want to; but try to cram Him behind the wheel while you nap in the back seat, and you’re still gonna drive into a tree.” His father was a rural preacher. “When he wasn’t herding animals,” Jeremy said, “He was herding minds and souls. But y’know, it’s kinda hard to keep ’em penned in once the cattle’s learned to think.” I seem to have met a lot of these wise weirdoes in my travels.
    Though told as literary fiction, Entertaining Naked People is a novel based on my life massaging celebrities as I’ve clawed my way free of a childhood of despair into a world of wonders, deep insights, and miracles. And lovers; lots of lovers.
    I camped in deserts, lived on a cruise ship, walked out into the fury of Hurricane Andrew, searching for some connection to God, even if it killed me. I felt abandoned, but ached to know by Whom, or by What? I’ve lived with philosophers, occultists, and psychics; art school hippies and ghosts. My own mother threw a ceramic angel at me weeks after we’d had her cremated. Folks in my family don’t always stay dead. I’ve worked in world-class spas, massaging a U. S. President I despised, a game show letter turner, famous athletes, celebrities from many fields, and everyday folks as I’ve searched for magic, purpose, and healing, one naked truth at a time.
    Entertaining Naked People is a coming of age book for baby boomers. Through laughter and tears it speaks of love, loss, and triumph; of estrangement and re-union; of finding meaning and miracles, inside and outside religions. It will touch readers of The Glass Castle, and books by Mary Karr and Anne LaMott, but probes deeper questions that chew away at each of us.
    Excerpts have been published in anthologies.